Our new printing equipment is a game changer!

At the beginning of 2014, Viva Merch took a huge technological step forward. Upgrading from a single manual screen printing press, we now have three manual presses, a digital direct-to-garment shirt printer and the most technologically advanced automatic silk screen press on the market.

These upgrades have made Viva Merch one of the
most advanced shops in all of Southern California. 

If you are interested in printing shirts and are in the San Diego area, contact us and we'll gladly give you a tour of our sophisticated facility.

Best of Both Worlds

Above you will see both ends of the shirt manufacturing spectrum, both available at Viva Merch. On the left is our beautiful SRoque automatic silk screen machine. This piece of equipment allows us to produce hundreds of shirts per minute with computer-tuned accuracy and at a lower cost. We utilize the press for medium to high quantity jobs. But what if you only need one shirt? or even five? That's where our Brother GT-3 digital Direct-to-Garment printer comes in. Utilizing high-quality durable water-based inks, this machine can produce a full-color print in minutes. Whether it's one shirt or one hundred thousand shirts, Viva Merch has the equipment to handle the job.